Who We Are

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Basic Rights Watch {BRW} is a Nigeria based non-governmental organization {NGO}, founded in 2016, whose mission is to use creative ideas and technology to simplify public information, use available data to empower marginalized groups and communities. We work to strengthen government institutions and local communities by creating enabling environment for citizens and government dialogue. BRW is committed to using monitoring and evaluation to create effective and sustainable programs that supports a community of active citizens to make effective use of public information in demanding accountability for institutional improvement and efficient services delivery. We are currently working in Nigeria.

Our Vision

Is a society were public institutions disclose and provide timely information to citizens to enable active citizens participation in governance, fight against corruption that will result to efficiency in public funds management for better service delivery and improved developmental outcomes. We want many of Nigeria’s local community members to have the capacity to advocate and demand for information and accountability on governmental interventions.

Our Mission

Is to undertake research and action focused on ensuring access to information across public institutions targeted at ensuring social and human rights