Basic Rights Watch is a Nigeria based non-profit that seeks to promote and ensure transparency, accountability and civic engagement in federal universities capital spending [Transparency Alert Program (TA)], as well as advocate for governmental intervention in local communities to address their core urgent capital needs [Tracking Needs Program (TN)]. It focuses on promoting open financial government, eradicating extreme poverty, improving participatory budgetary processes and promoting human rights. Our day-to-day affairs are conducted by the National Secretariat headed by our Chief Executive under the direction of the Board.

Our Vision

To have federal universities open up and provide information on their capital expenditure, while public oversight will result to efficiency in public funds management for better infrastructures and improved learning outcomes. We want many of Nigeria’s local communities members to have the capacity to advocate for governmental intervention around their urgent capital needs, as well as have those needs fixed.

Our Mission

To undertake advocacy-driven research and action focused on ensuring open financial government in Federal Universities, eradicating extreme poverty in local communities and promoting human rights.