Tracking NGN 1.5 Billion for Physical Project Intervention at the Ibrahim Babangida University, Niger State

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After several correspondences with Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, its management availed us data on the implementation of NGN 1.5 Billion for several of its projects under merged 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 TetFund Interventions. This has been tendered with deadline for the submission of bids on 10 November 2017. Breakdown of this include:

I Construction of E-Learning Centre with External Works IBBU/LAPAI/TETF/13-14-15-16/01

II Construction of Faculty Offices for School of Medicine with External Works IBBU/LAPAI/TETF/13-14-15-16/02
III Construction of Human Anatomy Departmental Building with External Works

IV Construction of Human Physiology Departmental Building and External Works IBBU/LAPAI/TETF/13-14-15-16/04

V Construction of Community Health Departmental Building with External Work IBBU/LAPAI/TETF/13-14-15-16/05

VI Furnishing of E-Learning Centre

VII Procurement and Installation of Solar Equipment

VIII Procurement and Installation of Networking Equipment

IX Furnishing of Faculty Offices for School of Medicine Building

X Furnishing of Human Anatomy Departmental Building


XI Furnishing of Human Physiology Departmental Building

XII Furnishing of Community Health Departmental Building.

XIII Procurement and Installation of 11 OONr, Dell Desktop Computers Complete with Accessories

XIV Additional Procurement and Installation of 100 Nr, Computer Accessories

We call on the university to provide us the list of successful contractors and their contacts, actual project amounts, implementation timeline and bills of quantities for effective tracking.

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