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A state of emergency is declared on Gender-Based Violence by Nigeria’s Governors Forum in 2020. This is following several reports and documentaries on the increasing rate of sexual assault and gender-based violence in Nigeria.

Basic Rights Watch (BRW) is leading the innovative approach in combatting the spate of sexual and gender violence against women and girls in Nigeria through technology.

In May 2021, Basic Rights Watch participated in the Chat for Impact accelerator contest by ( and for 2 weeks we collaboratively designed a chat solution to fight against sexual and gender-based violence using WhatsApp. Thanks to the mentorship of team.

What is Sexual Assault Support Assistant (SASA)?

The purpose of Sexual Assault Support Assistant service is to connect female students who are survivors of sexual assault or other gender-based violence crimes in tertiary institutions to the appropriate authorities where they can directly report their cases in order to seek justice and also access necessary counseling, materials, and support-care. 

Who is our target?

Sexual Assault Support Assistant (SASA) is designed to provide care, support, and information to female students in tertiary institution and by extension, providing support to every woman 

Our service will target:

  1. Female students who are survivors of sexual assault and are in need of help (legal, medical, and psycho-social support)
  2. Female students who need information and education on sexual and gender-based violence for empowerment
  3. Female students who need guidance and counselling on sex education and sexual and gender-based violence
  4. Female students who need emergency assistance when faced with sexual assault

Where can you access Sexual Assault Support Assistant (SASA)?

Sexual Assault Support Assistant (SASA) uses the WhatsApp chatting platform. By messaging a particular number, users will get an instant response on the information they are requesting for either it is the contact details (name, number, location, and email) of GBV support centres nearby or GBV prevention messages or direct counselling or GBV emergency hotlines

When will SASA be launched?

Sexual Assault Support Assistant (SASA) service will become active on WhatsApp by September 2021. 

Who can we talk to for more info or partnership?

Austin Ekwujuru:

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