On 20 May 2017, the Tracking Needs team was at Farah Community, Mbara, Bokkos LGA, Plateau State for research and investigation over their urgent capital needs. This was following baseline indicators that informed us that the community has several challenges on access to basic social amenities. The community of 3500  population est. has with no access to clean water, and dilapidated healthcare and primary school facilities. Basic Rights Watch has commissioned several advocacy strategies over the case of Farah, and calls on all relevant governmental and non-governmental authorities to urgently intervene in the community.

Updates on #TheStoryofFarah


Farah has no water to clean water. The local stream produces coloured water which is deeply unhygienic (see photo). The community members depend on this water for drinking, cooking etc. and periodically share the water source with cows. This exposes the community to several diseases such as diarrhea. There is an urgent need for the community to be provided with an access to clean water.


The image showcases the state of the Primary Healthcare Facility (PHC) at Farah. The PHC lacks fridges for storing drugs and vaccines. The PHC which does not run at night has only a Community Health Worker; 2 small ill-equipped wards; lacks a medical doctor, electricity, water supply, toilet etc. and lacks the capacity to admit a patient. The whole village relies on this facility. The PHC facility has to be constructed, and the PHC needs human resource, drugs, vaccines, fridge, beds, equipment, water, electricity, and toilet.


While many communities in Jos can boost of average primary school facilities, Farah has a shortage of classrooms while kids still study in muddy buildings (see image). For the latter, it is ill-equipped with leaking zincs, rough walls and mud floor. This jeopardizes the ability of Farah children to access quality elementary education in a conducive environment. The school needs the building to be fixed and more desks, books.


Community Voices (Farah)

“Our water is not good, we are taking it with cows. Taking the water has given us cholera and diarrhea.” Mr. Ciroma, Village Chief of Farah

“We are pleading with the Federal government to give us borehole, even if it’s one so that we and our children can drink clean water from there.” Mr. Mararandun,  Community Member


“This is the clinic but there is no structure, equipment and drugs, and no clean water.” Mrs. Delatu, Officer In Charge


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